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Born 1984 in Tehran, Iran​

Based in Philadelphia, US

Graduated in Graphic Design, 2009, Tehran, Iran

Inspiration Sources

  • complexity of the organic forms in both natural landscapes and man-made structures


  • I embrace the unexpexted and uncertainty.

  • I rely on chance consistently.

  • I let go of rigid plans, and let my curiosity guide me.

  • I explore the beauty of improvisation.


  • I want to capture the essence of a natural landscape using my inner feelings and emotions. 

  • I’m aiming for perfection within liberating, chaotic, and spontaneous way.

  • I want you to feel the energy of the moment in the final result.

Painting is not the only thing that I can do, but it is the most fascinating and vital activity to me. 

The fascination of painting is about how it surprise me. When I paint I never think about any definite result. I paint as a natural actions, like an athlete who moves their body. I improvise, because I want to come up with things that surprise me, images that I’ve never dreamed of.

And the vitality of painting is that I feel the most vigorous feeling of freedom by doing it and I need that much of freedom to live. I need that much of movement, expressing thoughts and feelings. It is my way of living.

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